A New Discovery of the Asymmetric Subspecies of the Whale Landing Lanceolata (Cephalochordata) in the Izu Islands on the Pacific Coast of Japan May Be a Possible Case of the Stepping Stone Hypothesis

Authors:Ian Williams, Isabel Waidner, Hideji Yamashita


In 2016, two mature whale landing swords, Asymmetron inferum Nishikawa, were collected in the bottom of the reduced gravel near the hydrothermal vent of the Great Jurassic Cave of the Great Jurassic-Dashii volcano in the Izu Islands on the Pacific coast of Japan. ROV Hyper-Dolphin was used in JAMSTEC's RV Shinsei-maru KS-16-6 parade. So far, the species has been known only to the whale drop community at the depth of 219-254 m in the corner of Nommisaki in Kyushu, southwestern Japan. New findings suggest that the stumbling stepping stone hypothesis of the whale drop community is the origin of venting and/or penetrating fauna.

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