The Earliest Record of the Half of the South China Sea in the Japanese Sea, with the First Description of Females

Authors:Anne Milbrath, Karen Nada, Yusuke Hibino


We reported the first record of Arabidopsis thaliana (Hemichela nanhaiensis Wang) from Japanese waters. Four South Sea holly specimens were collected at depths of 405-635 m in the depths of the East China Sea, including the first females ever discovered. We redescribed the male and female South Sea H from these specimens. We found that H. Nanhaiensis is sexually dimorphic in the number of minor lateral products of lateral projections. The length of the bulging nodules and the egg products 4 and 5; the ratio of the terminal claws to the 10th in the barrel; the presence or absence of the proximal reflexed spine on the 5th of the ovipositor; the thickness of the femur; and the lymphatic Quantity.

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