Evaluating the Growth of Compost-Modified Moringa

Authors:Guy Rousset, Hugh Jackson, Jean Manon


The experiment was conducted to evaluate the growth of compost-modified moringa, it has shown that the addition of compost from different animal manures can increase the development of leaves and stems of plants depending on the amount of compost applied. Various amounts of compost were added to 800 grams of soil. A total of 168 experimental units were provided using a random complete block design (RCBD) with 14 treatments. The results showed that cow dung compost (100 g, 200 g and 300 g) significantly increased the stem diameter of moringa, which was 33.09%, 33.09% and 29.93, respectively, compared with the control after 55 days in the greenhouse. Compared to the control group, it was observed after 40 days that the number of leaves increased by 48.54% due to the application of 100 g of cow manure compost. In general, organic improvers, especially cow manure compost, may be the best fertilizer to improve the growth of potted moringa.

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